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The Wealthiest Families on Planet Earth

Written by John M Disque

Published 10/12/2018

#10 The Bettencourt Family

$36 Billion

Personal Care & Cosmetics


When top shareholder - Liliane Bettencourt was diagnosed with dementia it began an endless power-struggle and series of family feuds that still exist to this day. Some family members were accused of taking advantage of Liliane's unstable mental health and when she died in 2017 it only made matters worse.

#9 The Arnault Family

$39 Billion


LVMH & Christian Dior S.A.

In the 1990s Bernard Arnault started a construction company. Today he can be found strolling through high-society gatherings laughing at the fact that he once got his hands dirty.

#8 The



$41 Billion

TV, Radio, Media

Cox Communications

This family started out buying-up and publishing small newspapers. It didn't take long to realize the secret to controlling the world was to control the information.

#7 The



$49 Billion

Energy, Agriculture, Food & Beverage


Within this family there are 14 billionaires and dozens of millionaires, leaving them (collectively) the 7th wealthiest family on the planet.


#6 The



$52 Billion

Telecom and Media

Telmex, América Móvil, and Grupo Carso

This family's wealth centers around business-mogal Carlos Slim Helu who began his journey as a stock trader and eventually evolved from investing in companies to owning them. Unlike most business owners - he doesn't specialize in any certain industry - if the business has value and it's in Mexico chances are good this family owns it.

#5 The



$78 Billion

Candy, Chocolate

This family seems to go out of their way to protect their privacy and the result is: there's almost nothing written about them.

Mars Candy was founded in 1911 when Frank Mars began making it in his kitchen simply because he loved to make people smile.

The rest is the result of an incredable demand, hard work and the courage to expand and fill the ever-increasing demand.

Imagine that: building an empire by making people smile.

#4 The



$82 Billion

Energy (Oil and Gas) refineries

Koch Industries

If you're into American politics there's no doubt you know about the Koch Brothers. To keep government regulations off their backs and to stifle the potential of alternative energy the Kochs shell out big bucks to Republican politicians and this investment-stategy has made them beyond wealthy.

#3 The



$130 Billion



Most of the wealthiest families in the world concentrate on several income-streams to gain, maintain and grow their wealth, but to-this-day the Waltons only have one: WalMart.

Sam Walton and his brother started the company in 1962 by buying American products in bulk and selling them at a discount.

When the brothers passed away the comapny was inherited by Sam's children and since then WalMart has gone through many changes. The most notable change is: there's not a "Made in America" tag in sight. Even their fruits and vegtables are imported from Mexico while thousands of US farmers file for bankruptsy.

Still - It's the favorite store of low-income Americans and the real reason they're low-income never seems to dawn on them.

#2 The

Al Saud


$1.4 Trillion

Energy (Oil)

You most-likely predicted there would be oil-money at the top of the list, but there's probably a good chance you don't know much about them.
This is the ruling Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and without their filthy product the world simply does not fuction.

Their history can be researched back to the mid 1400s, but their global power wasn't recognized until they founded the first Saudi state in 1744 - this included most of the territory we now know as Saudi Arabia. Since then the name of the game has been: keep the world dependent on oil and because of the incredable wealth and power of this family - most of our congressional politicians and media companies have been happy to oblige.

The family fortunes listed above seem to be extreme and excessive, but the reality is..... compared to this next family they are all living poverty and will never come close to obscene amount of wealth and power of this next family.



#1 The


$Too Much

Banking, Finance

There’s good reason you probably know this name but didn’t know they are, by far, the wealthiest family on the planet.

#1 - They’re very secretive, to the point of being labeled “strange and cultish.”
#2 - Most journalists, and particularly their publishers, are afraid of them and their power.
#3 - There is so much money here and it’s so spread out throughout the planet that it's impossible to get an accurate figure. To make matters worse - no one is in a hurry to audit them because the task would take a minimum of 100 years and be far-out-dated by the time it was completed.


Of the few journalists who dared to estimate the family’s worth, most have stayed conservative with a figure around $10 trillion, but some say it’s way, way higher and more like $500 Trillion. After exhausting all available internet research on this family, I will include my own estimation of between $100 trillion and $200 trillion dollars.


Less than three centuries ago (1744) the name Rothschild did not exist. They got their name while living in poverty in Frankfurt, Germany. On the door of their house, which held 30 family-members in a very cramped space, there hung a red shield.


Roth = The old German name for "red."
Schild = "shield"

Once they had a name everything changed.


These were the days of Christian-rule throughout Europe. The Catholic religion monopolized all governmental control and wealth in the continent and the Rothschild family was Jewish, but one member (Mayer Amschel Rothschild) decided the family's survival and future was in the industry of finance and banking, and he couldn't have been more right.


One son (Nathan) was sent to London to establish himself in the banking industry where he made valuable connections with very powerful, wealthy people, while Mayer stayed in Frankfurt and began to dominate the German banking industry.

Eventually the remaining sons (Solomon, Carl and James) were sent to Vienna, Naples and Paris to do the same. The family's wealth and power grew very quickly and they specialized in loaning big money to powerful governments and royal families.

The American Revolutionary War was certainly not off-limits and the Rothschilds gladly funded Great Britain's attempted take-over of the United States. To this day it's the foundation of great resentment with the American people and all the proof that some need to dub the family evil.


The US Industrial age: steel, railroads, automobiles, coal, airplanes, etc., is said to be almost completely funded by the Rothschilds and this glorious time in American history is what shot the family wealth into astronomical numbers.


The Jewish take-over of Palestine, now known as Israel, was funded by the Rothschilds and this is just one of the reasons they became a prime target of Adolf Hitler, who said the family and their religion were out to rule the world by dominating all global revenue and power.


Some journalists have said there’s no industry or purpose that’s off-limits and if there’s someone who needs big money they will fund them, but there’s no documented evidence of the family crossing the line into illegal territory - namely.. - drugs.

So where are they today? They're spread throughout the planet, but they remain more secretive, paranoid and well-hidden. They still like to fund big people with big dreams and they still specialize in wars, which they particularly like to fund both sides of.


The most transparent member of the family is Jacob Rothschild who, oddly enough, I find quite likable and interesting. I think it's sad how he's often treated badly when he's open to speaking with anyone and there's so much to learn and discover, but most of the family is well-aware they're hated and tend to lay very low.


I think they're a family who realized the human animal could not be trusted and if they had anything it was each other. Without the power they managed to gain they would not have survived and they simply never stopped accumulating that power.


Many people still like to entertain Hitler's philosophies but I've never been one to be deverted by unproven conspiracies meant to divide and promote hate. We succeed in life by finding and utilizing our natural talents and surrounding ourselves with the right people. Whether you consider these talents immoral is another story for another day.

I think we're far-past an age where any government, family or religion could overtake the planet and I concern my mind more with the wonder of how they find the simple joy in life? Can any of them live in the now and enjoy a sunset or a child's laughter? What could be so great about owning a polluted planet filled with a violent, hateful animal? Do any of them know true love or what it's like to be proud of paying a utility bill? Have they ever been heard and respected? Have they ever done what they were afraid to do?



Author’s note - As my research on the Rothschild-family progressed, my first thought was to dedicate an article to this one subject. That plan fell-through when I became enthralled with the family and began scouring libraries for the mere mention of their name.


I ultimately wound up with enough to write a book, but the things I found were not written in government-controlled text books. They were written by very brave writers who decided that truth is a higher power than money.

Thanks for your time.

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