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Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett (Photo By John M Disque)

Mayor Burchett Highlights Knox County Veterans

By John Disque




Knox County Veteran's Services and Mayor Burchett want the very best for Knoxville Veterans and have titled this percentage of our community "the very heart and soul of Knoxville". 

Knox County Veteran Services assist veterans and their families in filing applications, securing claims, and understanding all privileges and benefits they are entitled to under federal, state and local laws. They also work directly with government and private agencies to secure these benefits and to keep Knox County Veterans updated and aware of their deserving rights. 

"My father served in the Pacific as a Marine in World War II. I understand the sacrifice military men and women make, as well as the burden placed on these individuals and their families," Mayor Burchett said. "I will do everything in my power to ensure they are taken care of." 

"We take care of all veterans; if they come in, we will take care of them," said Chuck Jones (Service Officer - Knox County Veteran Services). "We assist the veterans because they are not only the heroes of the United States, but of Knox County as well."


Published in East TN News October 19, 2011

Originally Temp-Published February 17, 2011

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