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Pensacola Abuses The Homeless

By John M Disque

Edited By Joel Darnell



Pensacola, FL has passed an illegal and abusive ordinance directly targeting the city’s homeless. It is now unlawful in the city of Pensacola for the homeless to own a blanket. This is a blatant attack on the poor and you can help put an end to it… 

A blanket: a piece of fabric intended to keep us warm; not only the right of every American but the right of every human being on Planet Earth. That is unless, of course, you're homeless in Pensacola.


This is not only a human rights violation – it’s illegal. But they get away with it because those in poverty have no voice, no power and no legal representation. Pensacola’s strategy of abuse is about to meet their match.


It's illegal to create laws that target any specific group of people. Laws are made for all Americans to live and abide by. The same way you can't pass a law denying the wealthy ownership of orange juice; you cannot pass a law denying the homeless ownership of a blanket. This ordinance is illegal and this in the most brutally cold winter in Florida history. 

Years ago I exposed a similar strategy of homeless abuse in San Francisco. (San Francisco Shows Knoxville What NOT To Do Regarding Homelessness) Political leaders went on a full-tilt campaign to make homelessness so incredibly difficult in an attempt to force the homeless people to leave the city in hopes the problem would end. Law after law was passed which targeted the homeless: “No sitting on the sidewalks, dumpster diving, loitering in the parks, lying down on park benches, panhandling, or street performers.” The list continued until the homeless were being harassed and fined everywhere they went.


The result – Frisco got what they wanted. The homeless people left and went to Oakland, overwhelming Oakland’s resources to the point of the city's mayor calling for a State of Emergency and federal assistance.


I concluded that article by stating my biggest fear being “other American cities following Frisco’s heartless lead” and Pensacola, FL is doing just that. If we don’t stop Pensacola’s city council the result will be a drastic increase in Mobile AL’s and Panama City’s homeless population as well as more American cities following this shameful, un-American and illegal path until those without a home have no rights at all.

And why stop there? Pensacola’s city council is free to chase away all those who live in poverty. If we don’t stand up to them… tomorrow they’re apt to pass a law stating that no one who makes less than 20k can own a coat, no one who makes less than 40k can have electricity, no one who makes less than 100k can own a house, no one who makes less than 250k can have children. Lets just make Pensacola a resort area for wealthy, heartless, control freaks who forgot they live in America and think they’re running a dictating Home Owner’s Association.


To use your power as a lawmaker to abuse the voiceless is a shameful embarrassment to your city, your state, your country and everything the American people fought and died for.


You can help give Pensacola’s homeless a voice by signing the following petition and awakening Pensacola’s mayor and City Council. 

This article and issue was updated on 2/14/2014 and can be found here…
Pensacola continues To Abuse The Homeless

Published (1/31/14)
Author: John M Disque




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