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Pell Grants – America’s Future Is At Risk

By John M Disque



You can bargain with your hatred of black people, with your hatred of liberal people, with needless spending, with your hatred of gay people and any other person who doesn’t stand in your line of puppets. But I’m not going to sit here and watch you bargain with innocent young people and the only hope remaining for America’s future.


Young people from low-income families are eligible for Pell Grants if their household income is below $60,000 annually.


The grants do not have to be repaid and can be used for state, private and for-profit colleges across the United States.


As our DC government continues to bicker and lock-up into "stalemate budget issues" the Pell Grant Program finds itself on the chopping block.


Most Republicans are pushing for the cuts. Exactly how the cuts will occur is being heavily debated within the party. Today the maximum a student can apply for is $5,500 but that is apt to change real soon. This number could soon be cut by as much as 45% and/or the students eligible for the grants could be severely reduced.


Today 10 million young people utilize the Pell Grant Option. Very soon (before Thanksgiving) these students may be forced to drop out of college.


Over the past few years more and more students have been taking advantage of the grant program because the number of families-eligible has grown. When the national economy tanked and people lost their jobs more families found themselves in a position to utilize Pell Grants and the number of applications has drastically grown. Once again our government simply addresses a symptom of a much greater problem and the result is always – the innocent suffer.


Keeping the Pell Grant Program in-tact results in more young people graduating college, moving into stable careers, creating a larger taxbase, more new business and more American jobs but the big picture is not being addressed my most of our US Congress. In the meantime privileged people see an innocent, brilliant, motivated, young-person’s future as "needless spending" and a major threat to their own selfish agendas.


Cutting needless spending is one thing but now they are cutting the future of our country and camouflaging the entire issue. /// Get through it, see the truth and don’t let it happen.


A simple click will take you to a website where you can speak directly to your US Government reps. Scroll to the bottom of the page, type in your zip code and they’ll  let you know who represents you and their contact information. From there you’ll be given the option to send them a letter explaining how you feel about the issue.


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Published in East TN News November 3, 2011

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