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Knoxville Has Tax Dollar Accountability Hotline

By John Disque



Tim Burchett built much of his campaign on his desire to restore public trust in Knox County government. Since his election he's proven over and over that he wasn't just making campaign speeches. He continues to follow through on the promises to the tax-paying Knox County residents. The focus has been on "public accessibility" to Knoxville government and narrowing the communication gap between residents and local county government. 

On March 3, 2011 Burchett announced a new "Audit Hotline." The hotline is intended to connect residents with county government if they know of or suspect fraudulent, wasteful or abusive areas within Knox County government. 

Burchett sates, "This hotline will drastically increase the level of transparency and accountability in county government, and that's something our citizens deserve. Audit Committee Chairman Dr. Joe Carcello, as well as the rest of the audit committee members, worked hard to see that this became a reality." 

Carcello adds, "We're setting up this hotline system to provide better oversight over county activities, and its ultimate success will depend on the willingness of employees, vendors, and citizens to report credible information about fraud, waste, and abuse in a timely manner." 

Global Compliance (an independent third-party vendor) will provide the hotline services and direct all concerns to the proper agencies, county organizations, and law enforcement. 

"Our goal is to make Knox County Government better, more efficient and more accountable to our taxpayers," Mayor Burchett said. "We're going to continue working to restore public trust."

HOTLINE - 1-866-858-4443 (toll-free) or visit Knox County Alert


Temp-Published March 6, 2011

Published in East TN News November 4, 2011

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