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Iowa Democratic Polls

If you're a political junkie, there's no doubt you've wondered about the polls and the companies who own them: How much stock should you put in them? How accurate are they? is there bias? Do they purposely try to influence the voters?

Throughout the political season we're going to put them to the test and it's interesting to note how much difference there is between them. Their numbers vary greatly, so some of them have to be either way off or almost perfect.

Poll numbers and article were updated 2/2/2020 8am EST




Sanders 30
Biden 21
Klobuchar 13



Iowa State Univ

Sanders 24
Warren 19
Buttigieg 17



Mon mouth

Biden 23
Sanders 21
Buttigieg 16


USA Today

Biden 25
Sanders 19
Buttigieg 18


NY TImes

Sanders 25
Buttigieg 18
Biden 17



Three of the top 5 polling companies have Sanders in the lead.

In the most extreme example (Emerson) we see Sanders ahead of BIden by 9 points. Emerson also has Amy Klobuchar in 3rd.


Two polls have Biden in the lead with Sanders in 2nd and the same two companies also have Buttigieg in 3rd (Monmouth and USA Today).

Only one poll has a mention of Elizabth Warren in their top three: (Iowa State University). ISU has no mention of Joe BIden in their top 3 and i'm beginning to smell an indication of a rat.


Which polling company was the most accurate?


Find out NOW!

Latest update 7:00am EST (3/6/2020).
97% reported
41 Iowa State Delegates are at stake.

Biden Sanders Warren Buttigieg Klobuchar
15.8% 26.1% 18.2% 26.2% 12.2%
4th 2nd 3rd 1st 5th
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