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Published 12/23/2016

Yes, there is something you can do...


We don't like the word "revenge" so we see this as more of support system for our brothers and sisters who voted blue in the 2016 Election. We feel they should be rewarded and reminded that they're not alone.

Millions of Americans (65,844,954 to be exact) feel like there's nothing they can do and bigotry, greed, racism, sexism and hate have gained all power and control over the American way of life!


There's more of us than there is of them and you can tank their state economies. You can really, truly put a massive hurting on the states that chose to turn their backs on Democracy, fairness, equality, opportunity, love  and truth.



Your vacation dollars should be spent creating the greatest times of your life and we can prove to you that red states can't do it and blue states can!

By vacationing in a red state, your tourist dollars are not only supporting racism, hate and sexism - they're supporting animal abuse, air pollution, water pollution, low wages, lack of opportunity, bad schools and bigotry.


The old-boy network is getting rich and powerful while their working-class quality of life continues to fall back into the dark ages. For centuries they've been hustled by snakeoil salesmen and they have refused to educate themselves, so the only answer is to punish their kings, puppet-masters and self-appointed leaders.


Stop spending your hard-earned money in red states! Boycott them now and find out how powerful your voice and your actions really are!





If you're looking for true peace, real hospitality and breath-taking beauty - you'll find it in Hawaii, the state no one wants to leave. There's nothing quite like it, and we can get you there for less than for a Florida Vacation.
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The Bluest of the Blue States!

California is more than movie stars and bikini beaches. Thousands of people per day visit California simply to be in the midst of the most creative, most accepting and most-advanced human beings on the face of Planet Earth.

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500 wineries, skiing, biking, hiking, coastal beaches and a relaxing old-school charm all it's own. Oregon is a nature-lover's dream. If you're looking for peace and comfort with an old-west attitude you need to be in Oregon.

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Friendly and Vibrant!

Scenery and mountains, cafes and restaurants, fishing, golf, beaches and friendly locals. Washington is known for its advanced culture, great economy and clean air. Whether you're seeking the big city vibrant music-scene or a romantic, outdoor getaway - Washington has you covered.

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Entertainment Capital of the World!

The best casino-scene on the planet. Nevada is nonstop entertainment; with the highest rated shows, 5-star dining and big-action gambling. But Nevada isn't all gilts and glamour. If you're looking for old-west culture and history... Nevada has that too. Visit Carson City, Incline Village, Boulder City and Laughlin for a throwback look at the days of the wild-west.

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Outdoor Entertainment!

Ski Aspen, visit the romance of the Garden of Lights, the most notorious golf courses on Planet Earth, the best fishing of all 50 states, mountaintop 5-star dining, breath-taking views and nonstop entertainment.

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New Mexico

Photographer’s Dream

Ancient ruins, caving, dramatic landscapes and national monuments. Don't forget your camera - you're going to need it. If you want to know where the most unique and fascinating views in America are - you just found them. Nature uses New Mexico as her creative playground and reminds us all that figuring-her-out is not part of the plan. Just enjoy.
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Everything You Could Ask For & More
Historic homes, riverboat cruises, incredible fishing, watersports, boating and beautiful golf courses... Bring it all together with a great nightlife and some of the best restaurants in the country and all we can ask is: What more do you want?

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Action and History

Chicago is the main tourist-draw in Illinois but it's not just because of the art-scene, the sports, the nightlife and the music. In Chicago there are over 100 museums and cultural centers and that should keep your attention for more days than you have available. But - if that's somehow not enough, take some time and visit Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield, or the home of Ulysses S. Grant in Galena. There's a ton of history in Illinois and the old homes and buildings just pull you in and fill your head with the stories only they can tell.

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Outdoor Fun!

Mountains and ski resorts, arts, culture and history; Vermont is known for its museums and art galleries but they also have a booming water-sports industry once the snow and ice melts. Fishing and boating are popular attractions along with kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and paddle boarding.

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New Hampshire

Food, Alcohol and Outdoor Fun!
Skiing in the winter and whitewater rafting in the summer, but that's just the tip of the iceberg... Breweries, wineries, chocolatiers and cheese makers dot New Hampshire’s landscape and it's one state that knows its food and beverages. If you like great food and outdoor adventure this state has it and it's all in the midst of historic buildings, waterfalls and covered bridges so bring your camera.

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History Balanced with Entertainment

New England has an aura all its own and it's rooted in historic pride. Plymouth Rock and the voyage of the pilgrims, Cape Cod and the role Boston played in the birth of the United States. History buffs will adore Massachusetts and its museum-dotted landscape, but it doesn't begin and end with history. The state is also big on entertainment, sports, dining and an incredible nightlife, which works to balance both learning and fun.

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Rhode Island

The Best of Everything

Museums, Zoos, Beaches and the Arts.  There's a lot to do in Rhode Island and if you're looking to breakaway from the normal tourist-routine the state welcomes you to visit its historic homes and New England culture.

If you like seafood and 5-star dining you're in the right place. Rhode Island has a way of spoiling their visitors by handing them the best of everything. They know you worked hard all year and you came here to relax and enjoy the best things life has to offer, so kick your feet up, grab a cocktail and let yourself be wined and dined.

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Great Minds, Great Adventure, Great Memories

Connecticut likes to "snowboard and ski" in the winter, while enjoying their "balloon rides and greenery" in the summer. Fishing, food and art museums are big tourist draws but don't forget their theater-community and amusement parks. You can top it off with a history tour as some of the biggest Revolutionary War and Civil War changes took place right here.

College on the beach: be in the company of the greatest young minds on the planet for these are those who will cure disease, save our loved ones and change the course of history.

I love Connecticut and you will too.

And, of course, it's blue.

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New Jersey

Unique and Unforgettable

Ocean city, Wildwood, Cape May, Jersey City and Atlantic City - there's nothing quite like the New Jersey shore. Visit the sights, sounds and smells of Wildwood in the summer months and you will be welcomed to a very unique carnival of smiles, lights, roller coasters and junk food. No place I've ever been brings out the child in me like the Wildwood Boardwalk and, if you have any of those little people, it's an absolute must. I will personally guarantee they will have the time of the lives. Couple that with the history and wildlife-havens of Cape May, the beautiful beaches and great shopping and you have a world class vacation that will have you returning year after year. Do not go through your life without experiencing New Jersey.

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Relaxing Family Environment

The Delaware Beaches are similar to the state of New Jersey and you can choose the festive environment of fellow vacationers or opt for a quiet and more-private, romantic beach.

For you bargain hunters that like to mix beach-time with shopping-time... Delaware brings you a surprise: no taxes! That's right - the price on the price tag is what you're going to pay and every vacation deserves a tax-free shopping spree.

The beachfront restaurants and bars are quaint and charming. In the summer months their doors are wide open and they welcome you to a relaxing family environment.

Don't stop at the beaches: Inland you'll discover a vast network of rivers, streams and parks that welcomes fisherman and boaters. Explore Delaware Outdoor Trail, Brandywine Creek, Fort DuPont State Park, St. Jones River, Trap Pond State Park and Lums Pond State Park and tell them American Daily Sun sent ya!

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Endless Family Fun

Art Galleries, Beer & Wine Festivals, Casinos, skiing and the quirky culture of Baltimore, but Maryland doesn't stop at that... they also have some of the best beaches and best nightlife in America, while offering an endless amount of history and some of the best zoos and safaris you'll ever visit. Maryland tops it all off with a sports-scene second-to-none and shopping districts rival LA and NYC.

Maryland has not always been a major tourist destination but the times are changing and the state's arms are open wide to worldwide visitors.
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District of Columbia

Politics, Memorials, Museums & History

The ultimate in historic and political based vacations; The White House, The National Mall, the Washington Monument, The US Capital Building and the Lincoln Memorial are must-sees. Memorials include:  Korean War Veterans Memorial and Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and World War II Memorial. The museum tour includes: The Smithsonian Institute, the National Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum. If you want the history of America you found it.

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It's Still For Lovers

The south's only blue state is centered on history and a unique culture. Colonial and Revolutionary-era charm is the name of Virginia’s game. Wineries, beaches, historic landmarks and Chesapeake Bay. If you're booking a romantic vacation Virginia is the perfect destination.

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New York

We Love New York

People who live in New York City usually vacation in upstate New York where skiing, snowboarding and the Adirondacks are big in the winter months and boating, hiking, festivals and zip lining are big in the summer months.

If you have your sites set on New York City you're about to have the experience of a lifetime. There's nothing in the world like it and there's so much to do that it would take you ten lifetimes to accomplish it all.

People come from all over the world to visit Central Park and the Statue of Liberty but that's just a warm up. Don’t forget Rockefeller Center, American Museum of Natural History, Ellis Island, Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, The Brooklyn Bridge, Madison Square Garden, Little Italy, China Town, Yankee Stadium, Times Square, Coney Island, the World Trade Center Memorial, Carnegie Hall, Central Park Zoo, Rockefeller Plaza, Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens and a whole lot more.

If you have a few dollars to spare - The Broadway Theater is a must-see, and you can top it all off with some 5-star dining and a world class shopping spree.

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Part Two - Boycott Red State Businesses (In progress) (Link will be found here)

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