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Maxine Raines / Photo By John M Disque

Maxine Raines (Of Lost Sheep Ministries) Continues To Shine

By John M Disque

Edited By James Howell

Quotes from Volunteer TV


Every year, as they have been for the past 21 years, Maxine Raines and her non-profit organization (Lost Sheep Ministries) serve Christmas dinner to the homeless.


With a team of volunteers, Lost Sheep meets-with and feeds 400-500 homeless people every Wednesday night but the Christmas dinners take it the extra mile and are really something special. The tables are decorated with beautiful tablecloths and the people are served a traditional Christmas dinner, they receive Christmas gifts and, most importantly, the long awaited respect from people who really listen to and help them.


Maxine stated to Alan Williams of Volunteer TV, "They really want somebody to listen to them and talk to them. We minister to them all year, we refer them to any resource we can get for them, shelter or medical or whatever they need."


It’s no secret that the average person found within the homeless population is changing. "We've seen people that have never been out here before, that lost jobs, lost homes, and that kind of thing. It's changed,” Maxine says.


"To know that you're loved, if they don’t get anything more than that, at least it's that."


Lost Sheep is a non-profit mobile ministry based in Knoxville and focused on battling the epidemic of homelessness. Their mission is to provide love, addiction recovery guidance, Christian views, food, clothes, alternatives, and support while coordinating assistance with churches and social agencies throughout the city. 

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Published in East TN News 12/15/2011

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