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HUD Awards $1.2 million to Knoxville Homeless Agencies

By John M Disque



Photo By John M disque (9/22/2010)

U.S. Housing and Urban Development has awarded $1.41 billion to 7,000 homeless agencies throughout the USA. Knoxville has received over $1.2 million of the money which has been allocated to 10 organizations owned and operated by 8 different agencies. With support from the staff of the Ten-Year Plan, the effort was coordinated by Knoxville-Knox County Coalition to End Homelessness. The distribution of the money is as follows: 


Elizabeth's Homes - $116,698 (Helping the transition from homelessness by providing housing in apartments and single family homes for temporary time lengths. Owned and operated by: Catholic Charities of East TN

Families in Need - $90,096 (Provides homeless families with case management, comprehensive family development planning, supportive services, and life skills training to prepare for and maintain permanent housing. Owned and operated by Knoxville-Knox Community Action Committee.

Helen Ross McNabb Center-Supportive Housing - $61,209 (Offering safe, affordable housing that meets the needs of individuals with mental illness.)

Knoxville HMIS - $132,282 (Working with many different agencies throughout East TN by helping our community plan and implement the Knoxville Area Homeless Management Information System "HMIS". Owned and operated by The University of Tennessee.) 

Minvilla Manor - 50,000 (A 57-unit apartment building providing permanent housing and used for "The Ten Year Plan to end Chronic Homelessness." Owned and operated by Volunteer Ministry Center.) minvilla.knoxtenyearplan.org

Operation Bootstrap Transitional Housing Program - $207,648 (Focused on men. Provides counseling, housing, meals, Bible studies, practical help and a structured environment. Owned and operated by The Salvation Army.) 

Parkridge Harbor Apartments - $70,204 (Provides permanent housing for men. Focused on men with a history of chronic homelessness who are financially limited and have co-occurring disorders. Owned and operated by Positively Living, Inc.) 

Pleasantree Apartments - $268,697 (Focused on providing affordable permanent housing for men and women with children. Owned and operated by Child and Family of TN

Project succeed - $139,050 (Provides job training, case management, life skills, and GED preparation to homeless individuals who reside in shelters, transitional housing, and halfway houses. Owned and operated by Knoxville-Knox Community Action Committee.) 

Reach - $104,580 (A street outreach program providing case management, support services, life skill training, and housing assistance to the street homeless. Owned and operated by: Knoxville-Knox Community Action Committee.) 


Catholic Charities of East Tennessee - $116,698

Child and Family Tennessee - $268,697

Helen Ross McNabb Center - $61,209

Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee - $208,626

Positively Living - $70,204

The Salvation Army - $207,648

The University of Tennessee - $132,282

Volunteer Ministry Center - $50,000




Published in Knoxville Daily Sun January 25, 2011

Published in East TN News October 10, 2011

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