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Homeless in America Video

By John M Disque


Stating that someone wants to be homeless is a justification for lack of compassion and often stated by people who never knew homelessness. It's not true. I can assure you that no one wants to be homeless.


The nonconformist falls the hardest…….. or changes the world.


You held my color. I could only see black and white and I fell.


The most grateful people I have known - are/were homeless.


Intelligence is not related to financial success.


Some of the most brilliant people I have known are/were homeless.


When we turn our backs on those who suffer we miss our chance to be beautiful.


 Some people had/have no support.

Some people were not shown how to be strong.

Some people never knew the confidence to compete.

Some people never found a direction or knew of any plan.

Some people never knew a great friend.

Many people on the streets suffer from mental illness. It's not their fault.

Many homeless people gave until there was nothing left to give.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are simply an effort to self-medicate the pain. They are symptoms and not the cause.


I knew I had something but I didn't know how to believe in myself, prove it or do it for myself. I needed someone else to believe in me. She had stumbled across my writing and came out of nowhere. I didn't know how she knew my name. I didn't know how she found me. I got lucky.


When we see someone struggling to survive we tend to feel better about ourselves. To take part in their struggle is inhumane.


Published in East TN News November 9, 2011

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