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Hillary Clinton's Economic Platform

Written by John M Disque

Published 7/13/2015

Unedited as of  6:41pm 7/13


The number one concern of the American voter is: the economic future of the United States.


American Daily Sun went to each presidential candidate and asked him or her for their economic platform. We got an ear-full and head-full from Mrs. Hillary Clinton as she brilliantly tackles this vital issue.


Even setting aside Mrs. Clinton's vast experience in global and national politics, there's very valid reasons she's leading all polls and has more support than any other candidate. You're about to read just one of these reasons.


A President for small business

Clinton intends to make the loaning process much easier for small business owners and help them make the leap into bigger markets. She points to the "small business success-stories" of France, Canada and South Korea, where there's a lot less red tape and a lot more focus on supporting small business. Meanwhile in America... the entire banking and financial system often seems like it's set up against the small business while keeping big corporate businesses with little to no relevant competition.


"Small businesses all over the country are ready to grow and hire, and entrepreneurs are ready to venture out on their own—if they can just get that next loan, enter a new market, or have one less form to fill out. We will make it easier to start and run a small business in this country."

  • Cut red tape
  • Provide small-business tax relief
  • Tap new markets
  • Improve access to capital

Rein in Wall Street

"Just seven years ago, our country was rocked by a crisis on Wall Street. Through no fault of their own, families lost jobs, homes, and dreams. Yet the financial lobby and Republicans in Congress have shown that they are committed to unraveling the key reforms the Dodd-Frank Act put in place to protect consumers and keep a crisis like this from happening again. We will defend Dodd-Frank against attacks and take additional steps to rein in banks that are still too big and too risky."


  • Rewarding businesses that invest in their workers
  • Helping Americans succeed at work and at home


"Corporations are not responsible only to their shareholders and the next quarterly earnings report. They’re responsible to their workers, their customers, their communities, and our country. Investing in the long term may mean passing up a quick buck today—but it ultimately means higher growth for the economy, higher wages for workers, and higher profits for the bottom line."


Power the economy of tomorrow

"America must lead the world in developing and deploying new clean energy sources that will power our economy, protect the health of our families, and address the global threat of climate change. Some doubt our capacity to rise to this challenge and want to keep us trapped in the energy economy of the past—but every single day the ingenuity of the American people proves the cynics wrong. States, cities, and rural communities are investing in a future built on clean and efficient energy that spurs small business growth, reduces pollution, creates good jobs, and lowers energy bills. We will secure the gains already made, and continue our progress in making the United States a clean energy superpower."


Secure a foundation for working families

"If we want American families to get ahead, we must first ensure they can afford the foundation they need to meet their potential. That means making college, child care, and health care more affordable."


Making college affordable and eliminating the horrendous debt to families and graduating students is Clinton’s number one concern with middle-income Americans.


Providing access to quality childcare, defending ACA and allowing people to retire with dignity by defending social security from resent Republican sabotage are also high on Clinton's priority list.


The basic bargain of America

"Everyone who works hard and does their part should see that work reflected in a rising paycheck. To increase wages, we need to invest in stronger growth, ensure that gains do not just go to those at the top, and open paths to good jobs for more Americans. We need an economy that works for everyone."


Building an Economy for Tomorrow


“I’m running for president because everyday Americans and their families need a champion and I want to be that champion. I want families to do more than just get by—I want you to get ahead and stay ahead.”

Hillary Clinton speaking on her platform for the US economy. New York 7/13/2015


Being the economy is now almost 100% global it has to be a addressed on a global level and with that in-mind we can go about doing what's best for Americans.


The confidence of the American people is being placed in the hands of a champion.


American Daily Sun has publically endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of The United States. 

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