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Key US Senate Elections

Our US Senate stands at 51 Republicans, 47 Democrats and 2 Independents.

Gaining a Democratic majority is going to come down to whether this blue wave is real or simply Facebook chatter to fill up the already-clogged social media world.


Democrats are notoriously absent in midterm elections, and while there’s no question that some states have the D-base fired up and ready to vote… the question becomes: is it going to be enough?


The largest voter-block in America is: the over-50 crowd and many, particularly the male-side of that massive voter-block, are feeling alienated.
Hate, smear, fake news, social media censorship, gender-divide and verbal violence are not attractive campaign-strategies and they’re backfiring on the frustrated Democratic base.

The intelligent population of the Democratic Party are looking for solutions, hope and a healthy functioning US Congress…, not more of the same dysfunction and low-level political strategies that result in endless bickering, corruption and divide. 


It is a fool’s plan to stoop to the levels of their corrupt opponents. It’s time for the citizens of the country to rise above.


Left Leah Vukmin / Right Tammy Baldwin


Tammy Baldwin is the last big-name Democrat representing the state.

In an attempt to capture the female vote... Republicans put Leah Vukmir against Tammy but, according to polling data (which I never trust) Tammy is enjoying a 8-14% lead.


Left Bill Nelson / Right Rick Scott

Well-loved Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson has a serious challenger in Governor Rick Scott and it has the state divided right down the middle.

This election will put the Democratic Party’s money where their mouth is and if they don’t show up to vote this senate seat will be lost to a bright red Republican.

Left Josh Hawley / Right Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill (D) vs Josh Hawley (R).

Missouri voters have swung to the red-side in recent years and McCaskill’s seat is in serious jeopardy.


The question now becomes: Are the voters happy with Trump’s performance? Are they staying red or has the recent swing fired up the Democratic voters?

left Dean Heller / right Jacky Rosen

Hillary Clinton won Nevada easily, so - when the state started announcing its best Democrats were out to challenge Dean Heller’s senate seat it was billed as an easy win. Not so fast...

Since the 2016 presidential election Trump has grown on the Nevada voters and, due-to recent hate-campaigns and poorly played hands…., the entire Republican Party is gaining support.

Jacky Rosen (D) is challenging Heller and the polls currently have it dead-even.


left Mike Braun / right Joe Donelly

Joe Donnelly (D) is currently leading by just a hair over Republican challenger Mike Braun but Donnelly is still considered the most vulnerable Democrat in America.


There’s an eerie quiet in Indiana’s political world and I’m not sure if it’s the calm before a blue wave or the sadness of a funeral.

left Kyrsten Sinema / right Martha McSally

The current US Senator representing AZ is Republican Jeff Flake, who’s a favorite of the NRA and Monsanto, but Flake has announced his retirement.


If there was any true indication of a blue wave it was being seen in Arizona. The voters looked and sounded fired up and they’re glad to see Flake go, but….his departure may’ve taken the air out of their sails.


Winner of the Democratic Primary is Kyrsten Sinema and she’s being challenged by Republican candidate Martha McSally who has been gaining a lot of ground in the past few weeks.

left Partick Morrisey / right Joe Manchin

West Virginia
I have never been impressed with Democratic incumbent Joe Manchin. He scored an F- with the animal rights groups and was never big on gun-control, so what’s left of the Democratic voter base in WV isn’t pumped-up about keeping him around.


We’re probably going to lose this seat to Republican challenger and West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, but some media outlets are saying the race is close.

left Phil Bredeson / right Marsha Blackburn

Marsha Blackburn made a national name for herself when she began making a lot of appearances on big-media TV in her undying support for Donald Trump.


At the same time she’s going up against Phil Bredesen who is well-loved in TN for his successful terms as TN Governor.


The fascinating thing about this race is that Bredesen has managed to do what’s almost never even considered in today’s political world: he has crossed party divides and managed to gain support of a percentage of the Republican voter-base.

As for Blackburn’s poorly managed smear-campaign: she remains a hardcore loyalist to the Republican Party while becoming a favorite of the NRA, organizations who abuse animals and big businesses who fight against alternative energy.


The result of all the above is: the race is being carefully watched around the country. If Bredesen wins this race in the blood-red state of Tennessee more Democratic candidates will consider looking-for and running-on common-ground policies.

Ted Cruz left / Beto O'Rourke right

This might be the most talked-about Senate race in US history as Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke seems to have woken up the sleeping Texas Democratic voter-base.


O’Rourke has gained an incredible amount of support and, from the start - notorious Tea Party senator Ted Cruz has been worried.


Cruz knows there’s actually more Democratic-voters in Texas than Republican-voters and he has counted on them being absent in the elections. He also knows that a strong candidate can and will get them fired up enough to remove him from office.


There’s definitely a blue wave in Texas. The question is: how big is it?

It’s no secret - Ohio’s blue-collar working-people supported Trump and they still support him, but that doesn’t always tell the whole story.


Incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown (D) is being challenged by Jim Renacci (R) and lately Renacci has been picking up ground.

Sherrod is dealing with a strategy out of the “desperate-Democrat” playbook” and is being accused of unwanted sexual advances from women of his past.


With no time left to clear his name, we can only hope the people of Ohio are intelligent enough to see through it, but I tend to doubt it as American citizens are suckers for unproven rumors and tabloid garbage.

North Dakota
ND is another state that Trump won easilly and it has left Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in a tough position.


Republican challenger Rep. Kevin Cramer is firing all barrels at Heitkamp and the debates got ugly. Heitkamp knows she has to appeal to a percentage of Republican voters but that’s resulting in Democrats questioning her loyalty to the party.


At the same time Democrats are questioning her loyalty she’s losing the Republican support she was trying to gain. 64% of North Dakota citizens wanted Heitkamp to vote in-favor of Brett Kavanaugh on the grounds of “presumption of innocence” as written in the Declaration of Human Rights. She voted against Kavenaugh and lost support from both parties.

left Matt Rosendale / right Jon Tester

Another state that Trump won easily and another state where the Senator running for re-election is a Democrat.

Jon Tester (D) is the incumbent and he’s one of the most-loved Democratic politicians of our troubled current times.

The challenger is Matt Rosendale and he’s strongly backed by Donald Trump who has made trip after trip to Montana to drum up support for his guy. It’s working but there’s a limit. The majority of the citizens know that Tester has done a lot for Montana and even the most hard-core Republicans might not be willing to gamble with him.

Is it possible for Trump to win the state by 20 points and keep a Democrat in the US Senate seat? If anyone can do it - it’s Jon.

Written by incumbent political-writer John M Disque, who's often hated by left-wingers, right-wingers, inbetweeners and those on the outskirts of sanity.

It's part of the job.

I wish all the citizens of America hope for peace, which can only be found with the courage to face the truth.

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