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300,000 Americans Have Had ENOUGH!!

(War, Partisan Games, Childish Politics, Lack of Justice, American Ignorance)


We are at the turning point

By John M Disque

Edited By Judy Parton

During the second week of March 2015 Britain, China, France, Russia, Germany, Iran and the United States quietly came together to discuss peace and eliminating nuclear warfare.


Some Republicans (realizing it was eliminating their excuse to go to war with Iran) panicked and made these talks difficult while leaving Obama with mud on his face.


In the midst of the peace talks 47 Republican Senators decided it would be a good idea to send the Islamic Republic of Iran a letter.


Click on and read the actual letter...


The author of this letter was Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Accompanying Mr. Cotton's signature and supporting this global humiliation were 46 other US Senators - All Republicans.


List of 47 Republican Senators who signed the Iran Letter


Richard Shelby (Ala.) {R}

Jeff Sessions (Ala.) {R}

Dan Sullivan (Alaska) {R}

John McCain (Ariz.) {R}

John Boozman (Ark.) {R}

Tom Cotton (Ark.) {R}

Cory Gardner (Colo.) {R}

Marco Rubio (Fla.) {R}

Johnny Isakson (Ga.) {R}

David Perdue (Ga.) {R}

Mike Crapo (Idaho) {R}

Jim Risch (Idaho) {R}

Mark Kirk (Ill.) {R}

Chuck Grassley (Iowa) {R}

Joni Ernst (Iowa) {R}

Pat Roberts (Kansas) {R}

Jerry Moran (Kansas) {R}

Mitch McConnell (Ky.) {R}

Rand Paul (Ky.) {R}

David Vitter (La.) {R}

Bill Cassidy (La.) {R}

Roger Wicker (Miss.) {R}

Roy Blunt (Mo.) {R}

Steve Daines (Mont.) {R}

Deb Fischer (Neb.) {R}

Ben Sasse (Neb.) {R}

Dean Heller (Nev.) {R}

Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) {R}

Richard Burr (N.C.) {R}

Thom Tillis (N.C.) {R}

John Hoeven (N.D.) {R}

Rob Portman (Ohio) {R}

Jim Inhofe (Okla.) {R}

James Lankford (Okla.) {R}

Pat Toomey (Pa.) {R}

Lindsey Graham (S.C.) {R}

Tim Scott (S.C.) {R}

John Thune (S.D.) {R}

Mike Rounds (S.D.) {R}

John Cornyn (Texas) {R}

Ted Cruz (Texas) {R}

Orin Hatch (Utah) {R}

Mike Lee (Utah) {R}

Shelley Moore Capito (W.V.) {R}

Ron Johnson (Wis.) {R}

Mike Enzi (Wyo.) {R}

John Barrasso (Wyo.) {R}


List of Republican Senators that did NOT sign the Iran letter


Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)  {R}

Jeff Flake (Ariz.) {R}

Daniel Coats (Ind.) {R}

Susan Collins (Maine)  {R}

Thad Cochran (Miss.) {R}

Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) {R}

Bob Corker (Tenn.) {R}


No Democrat Senators signed the letter


Most of America's first reaction was embarrassment and they began looking for reasons and excuses for the behavior of the conservative side of DC. They quickly concluded that this letter was a mere attempt to undermine the president and just another partisan bickering tool, magnifying the longstanding envy of President Obama and the Democrat-control of the White House.


Many, however, began to see something much bigger and much more sinister.

Through the eyes of an experienced journalist this looks less like a "We're the boss - not him" (a childish declaration of jealousy over power) and more like a "We don't want peace" (and a "we're here to stop you" 'declaration of war").


Since the debacle hundreds of writers have chimed-in along with some of the TV media, some of the corporate Internet media and a ton of independent internet media. Even Iran’s Foreign Minister chimed in and chastised our Republican Congress for being ignorant on the base of their own US Constitution.


Through the humiliation and the days of vulnerable Republican exposure Obama persisted and the talks are now winding down with very positive results in-spite of the Senate sabotage.


For reasons you'd have trouble explaining, this one hit home with Americans. It doesn't even matter how Barack Obama feels anymore. It doesn't matter how the Justice Department feels, how Democrats or Republicans or Wall Street, the poll taking media or Joe Biden feels -


They (these American citizens who signed their names and gave you their email addresses, paid their taxes, voted for you to do the right thing and pay YOUR salaries) know how they feel and they want to be heard! They've had enough! They want these senators held accountable for their actions and they're not letting it go.

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  • Robert schad (Thursday, March 19 15 12:37 pm EDT)

    I am fairly certain that there is an organized and concerted effort to undermine President Barack Obama. I would even say that it is an act of sabotage, by a group of individuals and lobbyist's in
    the Republican party. Wouldn't it make more sense for Congress to demand an investigation into this matter rather than spending my hard earned tax dollars on an email investigation? we need to know
    the behind the scenes communications of all the individuals who have masterminded the Invitation of Prime Minister Netanyahu and those who wrote this letter to the Government of Iran, in direct
    violation of rules, protocols and the Logan act. Sedition and mutiny and sabotage, by a large swath of the Senate members (and by an even larger scale Congress) is a matter that undermines our nation
    like no other act since Watergate. I would venture to say it is of a grander scale than Watergate, in its severity. This is an epic failure of justice and Governance, if the acts of these 47 Senators
    and their cohorts in the Congress were to go unpunished. We can not accept this as the new "norm" in governance. We are a Nation of laws. We need to hold these people accountable for their vicious
    attack on America and our President. I, for one, will not rest until it is done!

  • Eileen Turek (Wednesday, March 18 15 07:23 pm EDT)

    No more Republican crybabies and children running our Country, go home to your Mama's and suckle some more off the tit, sick and tired of you yahoo's screwing with MY Country, get out and shut up!

  • John M Disque (Sunday, March 15 15 01:13 pm EDT)

    The Republican Senate sabotaged global peace-agreements because they can't make any damn money off peace.

    You want it straight - there it is as straight as you're ever going to get it.


John M Disque is an American journalist, photographer, world traveler, author and entrepreneur. Watch for his new book - Stoned Love, scheduled for release this fall.

"Honesty, passion, a willingness to find and share the truth - for much of my life these were the only things I had and I wasn't about to compromise them."

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