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Democratic Infighting Blazes Path For Trump's 2nd Term

Julian Zelizer says, "If Democrats can't pivot from the impeachment back to the primaries (starting on Monday) the party is in serious trouble."

Many remain in shocked depression from the senate vote to withhold evidence and witnesses from Trump’s impeachment trial, but there's work to be done.

Iowa rallies are showing their worst attendance since the 1950s and many experts are fearing a Democratic "throwing in of the towel."

Discouragement shows you care.... a lot..... but it's not over and now YOU get to be the judge and the jury. THAT Should inspire you, unite you, rally you and get you off your asses in the name of victory….. but…

The discouragment is giving the far-left a free, clear playing field and socialism could end up devouring the fragments of a once strong, once proud and forever accomplished political party.


The very thing that makes the Democratic people great (Independent thought: We don’t need glorified radio show hosts, Youtube vloggers and churches to tell us what to believe) could well-be our downfall. With the absence of leadership, there’s too many self-appointed amatuer, Independent cooks shitting in the soup.

The political season officially begins tomorrow, with the Iowa caucus and much to the delight of the Republican spin-machine, Democratic-infighting has reached its highest point ever.

Conflicting Iowa polls, the Rogan-Endorsement, outside interference and 'social media trolls thriving on unearned attention' are at the heart of the chaos.

Moderate Democrats say nothing has changed since 2016, but we at ETN disagree - it has gotten even worse.


You would think that after the lopsided Republican Senate "vote against 'evidence and witnesses' in Trump’s impeachment trial," the Democratic people could unite under the sole purpose of removing Trump and this corrupt US Senate from office…., but sadly… it’s not the case. The stage is being set for Donald Trump, (the most abusive and adolescent president in US history), to win his 2nd term.

It was said of the 2016 Democratic General Election 12% of Bernie Sanders supporters voted for Trump and another 20+% either did not vote or voted for Stein and Johnson. This issue was blamed on Russian interference and a very successful hate/smear-campaign on Hillary Clinton.


3.5 years later and we have a Newsweek article stating that 47% of Bernie’s supporters are not committed to voting for the Democratic Nominee…., unless, of course, it’s Bernie.

The source for the Newsweek article is The National Emerson Poll.


The ironic twist: Bernie’s own commitment to endorse and vote for the Democratic nominee, regardless of who it is. "Let me be clear: If any of the women on this stage or any of the men on this stage win the nomination—I hope that's not the case, I hope it's me—but if they do I will do everything in my power to make sure that they are elected in order to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of our country," Sanders said in a recent debate.

It’s a brand new day in America. According to the United States Senate, this current president is free to  solicit foreign interference to influence our elections, extort foreign allies to make them vulnerable to Russia (RUSSIA) and stroke his fragile ego in whichever way he deems appropriate. Meanwhile the so-called Democratic-left blazes his path.


"We Democrats eat our own." ~James Mehrle

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