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All cleared articles and archives are being restored to original publication. 2/9/2019



America's Mass Shootings (6/2022)


Evelyn Boswell Timeline (3/1/2020)
Coronavirus Latest Updates (2/16/2020)



Technology and Tomorrow's Job Market (2/10/2019)

New Year's Resolutions Fade (2/9/2019)



The Wealthiest Families on Planet Earth (10/12/2018)


2017 (cleared)

Article archives from 2017 are being restored and republished.



Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary (11/20/2016)

Racism in America (9/17/2016)


The Root of All Human Violence (11/7/2015) *In progress

The Confederate Flag & All Its Fading Glory (6/26/2015) *Unpublished
Abortion, a Father's Rights & The Law (3/6/2015) *Unpublished



Pensacola Continues To Abuse The Homeless (2/14/2014)

Pensacola Abuses The Homeless (1/31/2014)




The History of Shame - TN Walking Horse (12/6/2013)
Overwhelming Animal Abuse - TN Walking Horse (11/28/2013)
Marsha Blackburn, Horse Soring & HB 1518 (11/21/2013)
Google Cracks Down On Child Porn (6/17/2013)

Does Advertising on Facebook Work? (6/5/2014)
Haslam Vetoes Ag Gag Legislation (5/13/2013)

Haslam To Decide On Ag Gag Bill (5/11/2013)

Increasing American Violence (3/23/2013)

Dormer's Manifesto (2/11/2016)

Manhunt on for LA Cop-killer (2/10/2013)

Another Look At Alcohol (1/12/2013)

TN Media Stands Up To The State (1/8/2013)




Home Is Where The Heart Is - Jesse Ray Jordan 8/10/2012

George Zimmerman Back Behind Bars (6/3/2012)

Zimmerman Required To Surrender within 48 Hours (6/1/2012)

UnSung Heroes - Inspiring Stories From The Streets (Week 1) (5/28/2012)

Isabel Celis Case - Documents Handed Over To Media (5/27/2012)

America's Secret - Domestic Violence Against Men (5/21/2012)

Oringinal 911 Call - Isaebel Celis (5/15/2012)

Isabel Celis - Live Stream Press Briefing (5/6/2012) vid dead

Isabel Celis - Live Stream Press Briefing (5/5/2012) vid dead

Isabel Celis Music Video (5/4/2012) vid dead

LIVE - Breaking News on Isabel Celis Case (4/28/2012) vid dead

New Srvellience Video on Isabel Celis Case (4/27/2012) vid dead

LIVE - Parents of Isabel Celis Speak Publically (4/26/2012)

Race Against The Clock to Find Isabel Celis (4/24/2012)

George Zimmerman To Be Released On $150,000 Bail 4/20/2012

Zimmerman Charged And Arressed 4/12/2012

Florida Prosecutor Makes Decision On Zimmerman 4/11/2012

* AMBER ALERT Issued For The East TN Area (4/6/2012)


Did Zimmerman's Father Get Him Out Of Trouble? 3/29/2012

New Information On Trayvon Martin Case 3/28/2012

Justice For Trayvon Martin Petition Embedded 3/26/2012

Trayvon Matin Raillies Held From Coast To Coast 3/26/2012

Public Pressure Demands Justice For Trayvon Martin (3/25/2012)


Breakthrough in Parkinsons Research  (3/12/2012)

Employers Crossing Internet Privacy Lines (3/24/2012)

Most Wanted American Fugitives (3/2/2012)

Ohio School Shooting (2/27/2012)

Controversial NYC Teacher Rankings (2/25/2012)

Marie Colvin Died For The Truth (2/22/2012)

Internet Surveillance Bill Worse Than SOPA (2/19/2012)

Biggest Drug Bust In Colorado History (2/10/2012)

LeRoy Mystery-Illness Update (2/7/2012)

Tension Rising at Occupy DC Camp (2/4/2012)

Erin Brockovich And Le Roy Parents Demanding Answers 2/1/2012

Update 2 on Ayla Reynolds (1/30/2012)

400 Arrested in Oakland (1/30/2012)

Occupy Oakland Gets Violent (1/29/2012)

HUD Awards 400 Million to Eight States (1/29/2012)

Update 1 on Ayla Reynolds (1/28/2012)

Hollywood Arsonist Arrested (1/3/2012)




Killer Identified In Grapevine Texas Massacre (12/27/11)

Man Kills Seven In Grapevine Texas On Christmas Day (12/26/11)

Baby Dies In Missouri After Drinking Baby Formula From Wal-Wart (12/22/11)
* AMBER ALERT Ayla Reynolds (12/21/11)

Maxine Raines Continues To Shine 12/15/2011

Troy Mayor, Janice Daniels, Makes Huge Public Mistake (12/7/2011

Obama Grants $749 Million To Low-Income Seniors (12/1/2011)

A Closer Look At UT Crime (11/17/2011)

FBI Needs Your Help To Identify Bank Robber (11/15/2011)

Crossroad (The Calling Of My Homeless People) (11/14/2011)

Homeless In America Video (11/9/2011)

Inside The ASPCA (9/2/2011)

Frank Niceley Advocates Cockfighting (8/20/2011)

Compassion Knoxville Gets Blessing From Mark Padgett (8/17/2011)

Six Cops Beat Homeless Man To Death (8/3/2011)

Knoxville Takes Care Of It's Youth With A Diversity Of Activities (6/11/2011)

Arsonists Running Loose In South Knoxville (6/2/2011)

Illegal Storm Chasers Flood East Tennesee (5/9/2011)
Major Oxcodone Sentence For Velez (3/31/11) 

Top Internet Scams (3/26/2011)

The English Bulldog Scam - Rev. Andrew Miller Exposed (3/21/2011)

Pharmacy Thieves Stopped And Shut Down (2/20/2011)

Bullying Wolf Pack Shut Down In PA (2/2/2011)

Animal Rights Chaos Escalates (2/2/2011) 

HUD Awards $1.2 Million To Knoxville Homeless Agencies (1/25/2011)

The Truth About Art Education (1/8/2011)



The Relevance Of Art In Our World (12/27/2010)

The Unending Poverty/Homeless Cycle (12/22/2010)

Homelessness - The Bare Facts (12/13/2010) 

Over 675 Knoxville Homeless & Needy Enjoy Christmas Brunch (12/11/2010)

A Picture Of Winter For The Homeless - 24 Hours On The Street (12/7/2010)

San Fran Shows Knox What NOT To Do Regarding Homelessness (12/3/2010)

Christmas Brunch To Feed Over 650 Homeless (11/30/2010)

A Look At The Homeless Organizations In East TN (11/29/2010)

Homlessness In Knoxville - The Reality (11/22/2010)

Water Angels Has A Lot On The Plate (11/20/2010

Another Chance (11/15/2010)

A Closer Look At Homelessness In Knoxville (11/15/2010)




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