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President Obama To Announce New Jobs-Creation Plan

By John M Disque




For so many people - it's been a tough decade. Did America start going downhill on 9/11? Is ten years enough? 

Tonight, (7 pm, EST) just three days before the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 President Obama will outline, before Congress, his new Jobs-Creation Plan. 

While I hesitate to expect brilliance a part of me can't help but call for leadership that surpasses a congress dictatorship and gridlock. Obama’s plan has to be brilliant, has to address the union issues and has to address "keeping the existing U.S. companies in the country" while creating new jobs. 

There's a lot of speculation and a lot of rumors and negativity, but the plan has been kept under wraps and well guarded. 

National unemployment is stagnant at 9.1%. Many of those who are employed are over-qualified, working dead-end jobs and working double-shifts just to keep from losing everything they own. 

Yes, it's time for an emergency plan of action. It's time for good old-fashioned American toughness and hard work. It's time for true leadership, and it's time to give back the deserved American pride that was stolen from us. 

Many politicians (I won't name any parties) are saying that they won't be showing up tomorrow and they won't be watching or listening to what Obama has to say. (Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia, Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio) are a few of the names taking this disturbing-stance.

Of the mass-population there's a very real and ugly bitterness. People are so sick of politics and putting false hope in the hands of any politician (local to world). They're tired of promises, tired of false hope, tired of listening to speeches and tired of waving flags that go disrespected. 

Will anything Obama say bring them back? So many are saying, "It's just more words," but how can anyone say that if they know nothing about his new plan? We need serious leadership and tough action. Will they give him one last chance or are they already lost? 

Last month Obama made the announcement; "I'll be putting forward a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control the deficit." 

Whatever Obama says and whatever is in his plan, I'm glad he used the word "specific." I'm holding him to that and pray not to hear the words: "This won't happen overnight," as I've been hearing those words every day since he's been in office. "Overnight" was a long time ago. 

Many are saying that this is Obama's one last chance. That does not mean we'll ever lose hope. Sure, maybe we will give up on a president, maybe an entire congress, but they'll come and go. Eventually someone will come along who will consider our children and realize that the heartbeat and bloodline of this country was never in Washington D.C.

Published in East TN News October 22, 2011

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