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Gingrich Wins Big In South Carolina

By John Disque

Edited By James Howell


Despite all the relentless attacks and dirty politics targeting Gingrich, the people of South Carolina chose him by a two-digit (12%) margin over second place finisher - Mitt Romney.


Most of the support was the result of winning both SC debates and most voters agree that the debates are essential for getting a true insight on exactly who the candidates are and what they represent.


Elections usually come down to the basic human instinct of the voter. The fact that Gingrich is unscripted, he doesn’t pretend to be an alter-boy and he has the heart of a lion sat well with the hard working voters of SC.


Most of the Republican base is looking for the candidate that can go up against Barack Obama. Many are now convinced that, not only can Gingrich go head to head with Obama – he can beat him.


Newt Gingrich 243,153 votes 40.4%
Mitt Romney 167,279 27.8%
Rick Santorum 102,055 17%
Ron Paul 77,993 13%

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Published in East TN News January 22, 2012

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