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Most American Voters Are Cowards & Fools

The hard-hitting truth that none of them will face...


From the desk of John M Disque: political and social journalist, musician, pool player, published author, free-spirit, open-minded thinker, animal lover, cryptohead, entrepreneur and video maker.


Published 9/24/2018


Your Molds Are For Losers
I have a mixture of liberal/progressive values and conservative values.


Most people base their thought-process on their own personal experiences and with that... my life is an open book and a combination of a broad range of experiences. I have lived in your mansions and I've slept on your streets. I have been on top of the world and I've been very close to death. The closest thing to true love I ever found was with a black woman and her skin-pigment was the furthest thing from my mind. I've been overpaid by your greedy corporations and I worked shit-jobs for slave wages in other greedy corporations.


I stand for hard work and family-unity. I also stand for equality, fair opportunity, kindness, honesty, non-violence and respect until the person loses my respect and that is usually accomplished through their own violence and ignorance.

While I’m liberal in the areas of gun control, I stand for people’s Constitutional right to bear arms, but I also believe that not everyone deserves, or is responsible enough, to establish this right.


I don’t think social media should be contributing to the irresponsible actions of selling guns to any incompetent paranoid nutcase who wants a gun and I don’t think the public should be armed with guns that can slaughter 30 people in 10 seconds.


I’m opposed to abortion unless there’s a medical emergency or in the case of rape or incest.


I'm not an angry, male-bashing lesbian and I'm not a racist redneck living in 1948.


I am certain there are people like me and I’m also certain that the majority of American citizens are not like me because they have allowed other people to define them. This is a result of never learning how to think for themselves.


Politicians Want Money And Power

If I happened to be a politician I would have to ignore the very core of who I am and what I stand for. This mixture of conservative and liberal stances would result in both parties hating my guts and labeling me weak, when the fact is: my stance is stronger than all partisan voters combined.


Nonetheless I’d lose any election in a landslide. You can call them corrupt, immoral, greedy and manipulative but most politicians are not stupid and they’re not going to run on a platform that’s going to result in losing, so they don’t and they become part of the dysfunctional American system.


To be a successful politician you are forced to pretend to be something you are not, so as your potential voter, I want you to know that I refuse to let phony people lead me or think for me. At the end of the day you represent phoniness and you don’t stand for much more than your yacht, your string of mansions and your Wall Street greed.


The US Media, Schools & Bad Parents

The media does not have to flat-out lie to people in-order to manipulate them. What’s more common is: the ability to tell half-stories and half-truths for, and from, one biased perspective.


The result, in the example of Republican news outlet is: The person knows the media source is pro-gun and the person heard some ridiculous story that liberals are out to confiscate their guns. Therefore the media-source is on their side and blind-trust, like a religion, is given to them to the point that everything they say is gospel.


Even when the viewer or listener has the insight to see there’s something more to the story they are simply left without the information and most will not bother to get on the internet and read the other side.


And - even when they do obtain the other side, it’s written or stated from the opposite extreme, with hate, a biased perspective and a clear agenda. Most often the person will discount it and stay with what they heard or read first. After-all this other side wants to come and take their guns, leaving them helpless and at the mercy of gangs of black people scheming to steal their collection of Hank Williams cassette tapes.

Most people have simply not learned how to think from a truly open mind. Schools and parents teach us what to think - not how to think. So the media is merely a continuation of this same type of virused-programming.


This is particularly true in America as we’re a quick-fix escapist culture of mentally lazy cowards afraid of facing the truth because "being wrong" is hard to handle, so let’s not bother finding the truth at all and we can always think we’re right.

Somewhere along the line the media realized that they can’t change the things the people want to believe so they have become a business of “feeding the masses whatever they want to believe.”


The problem they have is: if they all gave everyone all sides, including scientific facts, no one would read them or listen to them and they would wind up begging for change in America’s tourist-traps.


The Colin Kaepernick Example

A perfect example is the current Kaepernick story. Republicans want Kaepernick’s actions to mean whatever they want it to mean, in-order to justify their ignorance, violence, racism and hate. Therefor they refuse to acknowledge the truth of his actions or any other side that contradicts what they want his actions to be.

Kneeling in respect has been done throughout human history, particularly in the name of people who were unfairly treated and murdered.


You can refuse to acknowledge this, but it’s scientific fact - Some cops’ sole-purpose for joining the police force is to declare racist treatment of black Americans and some join as a way to get away with murdering black people.


Kaepernick’s actions of kneeling during the national anthem were simply a way to show his respects for the innocent dead and a statement to their friends and family that he has not forgotten and won’t ignore them. It’s utterly beautiful and is sadly brave and rare.


You can say that a football game is the wrong place to take this stand and make this statement but I disagree. In-fact there’s no better time and place.

How many black athletes and other famous black people get famous and distance themselves from their culture, while leaving the neighborhoods and never looking back, as-if it they were never treated unfairly or simply don't care?


And it’s not just famous black people.


Famous people have the unique opportunity to reach many millions of people. Imagine the power of all of them standing for fairness and justice. Imagine the changes that could be made.


But they don’t because they don’t want to rock their income boats, so they have traded their dignity for a dollar bill. This is what makes Kaepernick a courageous hero.


If you doubt my position consider this….


In 2012 Tim Tebow (NFL quarterback) kneeled in protest of abortion, during the National Anthem. He was later praised by fans for being a "model American" and given "a new NFL contract."

What better position for a violent, white racist than to be patrolling a black neighborhood with a gun and a license to kill?


The Vicious Hatred of Democrats

It’s funny how the Democratic Party claims to stand for equal rights and fair opportunity until you question the equality or fairness of one of their policies.


Years ago I visited a popular liberal Facebook group and questioned the morality of abortion. This was during the time when someone in congress was proposing the cutoff of governmental funding to Planned Parenthood.


Not knowing much about abortion, being a male and never facing any real experience with it in my life…, I admitted my ignorance and did what every great journalist does: I went in search of information so I could write about it and give all sides and perspectives on the issue. More than opinions, statements and experiences from various people, I wanted to know scientific facts and exactly what abortion was. This included the actual procedure of abortion and I found a video showing me, or anyone else who wanted to view it…, exactly what is happening during an abortion.

As I went to the FaceBook page, my agenda was to provoke a conversation on the information I gathered and get as many perspectives as I could get.


Yes, I should’ve known I wouldn’t accomplish that task on such a left-leaning webpage, but I also wouldn’t get it on a right-leaning website, so I did it.


For weeks the comments piled up until there were over 50,000 of them and the post monopolized every single visitor’s time and energy. Ultimately the moderators froze it and threatened to remove it for provoking too much hate.


What was even more disturbing was that most of people commenting were females. That statement in itself may seem sexist and you can naturally conclude that females have more at-stake and first-hand experience than males, but these weren’t insightful comments giving any type of facts - they were vicious, hate-filled, violent, personal attacks.


The thread got to the point where some people were threatening my life, spreading crazy rumors about me, making false reports about me and sharing personal information such as: my address, which further-endangered my life.


If I wasn’t self-employed at the time there’s no doubt they would’ve tried to get me fired. If I was in a romantic relationship at the time there’s no doubt they would’ve sabotaged it. They even went so far as to contact family members to threaten them while one of them created fake webpages claiming that I was the author to some very strange articles.


As I watched this unfold for many days, all I could think is: “Wow! This doesn’t look like peace, love and understanding to me. What happened to my people?”


I have also experienced this same “so-called liberal” lynch-mob extremist group-hate on issues such as Israel’s Brutality of the Palestinian People  and most-recently on the topic of Donald Trump’s trade-policies, which I support.

Speaking of Trump’s Trade-War

What’s amusing about this is: Most American voters have houses and apartments filled with foreign-made crap as they sit in them blaming someone else for their dead-end jobs, when it’s their own damn fault.

Taking it to more amusing heights is: the crackdown on our corrupt trade policies have been a Democratic stance for nearly a century, as Chinese product-peddlers like Walmart, Target, Ace Hardware and other retailers proceed to destroy millions of small, American businesses while paying Americans slave wages and offering no benefits. This - while thousands of American farmers file for bankruptcy and Walmart stocks its shelves with Mexican produce and meat.


China and many other foreign countries have been hustling their stupid plastic crap in America for too long, so I support Trump’s stance on trade.


American companies are setting up in foreign countries and hiring slave-labor to build and ship WalMart’s inventory while fools line up to make those countries and traitor-businesses billions.


Naturally you can see how any Democrat would stand for a crackdown on foreign trade, but now we have a politician with the guts to put this into action and suddenly Democrats are opposed to it because the politician is Republican and his name is Donald Trump.


The posts I made on this subject: supporting Trump’s trade policies were taken by Democrats as me supporting everything Republicans have done since the party was founded. I was no longer "a Democrat who supported this one policy" - I was labeled "a racist, sexist, Trump-voting Republican plant."


It should prove to anyone reading this that politics have nothing to do with right and wrong, good and bad, moral and unjust - it has everything to do with blind hatred and rage to justify who these people have always been; vicious, violent, programmed morons.

The media can't change this and give people the truth because no one will watch them or read them. Politicians can't change this and give people the truth because no one will vote for them.



So you have millions of Americans who really don’t stand for much of anything and know very little about politics sitting in front of TVs and allowing newscasters to tell them who they are, what to think, what to believe in, etc…. And they’re molding these braindead people into what THEY want them to be.


It’s not a result of piecing together information and drawing conclusions, it’s a result of people choosing the information that best suits their hatred and ignorance.


So the TV viewer goes away defined - You’re a liberal so this is what you have to believe: ABC. You’re a conservative so this is who you are: XYZ. You have to hate the other, vote this way and don’t ever waffle from how we define you.


But - what happens to the conservative who thinks we need stronger gun laws and not everyone who wants one should have a gun?


And what happens to the liberal who thinks abortion is immoral with some exceptions, or the liberal who occasionally sees the conservative doing something right?


I believe in equal rights and fair opportunity. This doesn’t mean that I work 60 hours a week so my tax money can go to every lazy-ass slob who wants to sit in front of their Chinese TVs eating Doritos and drinking Diet Coke. And this is just one example of one political issue where I have mixed thoughts that fail to fall into either extremist mold.

The result - both sides hate your guts and you catch the hate and violence from both ends. As if they’re football fans... most people choose a side and say nothing about their support of the other team for fear (cowardice) of upsetting their own side. Afterall - both sides are vicious and violent and now they’re stuck with twice as much viciousness and violence.


My own personal reality is: there is no politician that represents who I am or what I stand for, not because I expect to agree 100% with everything they stand for - It’s because they are ALL playing a role in screwing this country up. It’s a no-win. They all gain their material junk, while American citizens lose rights, freedoms, jobs and hope.

On top of it - I refuse to be associated with such a blind and ignorant, closed-minded group of haters. I refuse to be programmed and to disregard my own thoughts, morality and researched and experienced facts.

Alt-Parties and Independents

Now anyone reading this will say - take a look at one of the alt-parties or independents. I have and what you’ll find is - they too are extremist, vicious fools who can’t handle anyone questioning their bizarre and often unAmerican policies.


Bernie Sanders has a history of voting against gun control and for Israeli funding with American tax money. That means money coming out of my pocket to be sent to Israel to fund the brutalization of the Palestinian people! Althewhile Israel has far better schools and a far better infrastructure than America ever dreamed of having. Israel is a nation founded and run on a religion and funding that religion is a violation of the United States Constitution!


The conclusion is: No, Independents are no better than the typical main-party candidates - In-fact they are often much worse and even more extreme while their followers are even more violent and hateful.


So… Now what?
The open-minded person who finds facts will distance themselves from all political subjects and people and focus more on their personal careers, family, business, social issues and other areas of interest. They’ll conclude the very title of this article.


I can discuss any political or social topic with anyone, but the problem is - you have come at me with hatred and violence for my own ability to use my own mind. You have assessed me without the willingness to try to understand what I’m saying or to walk in my shoes. It proves to me that you don’t have the intelligence, respect or dignity to think for yourselves.

There’s no place in my life for vicious, programmed, selfish puppets.

So go ahead and abort your babies. Give the country to China and Israel and Mexico. Go ahead and put guns in the hands of every violent head-case in America. Go ahead and create your wars, beat your kids and give your nickels and dimes to scamming pastors spreading the hate and violence of your stupid black book of fairytales. Go ahead and hate and kill and destroy. Just leave me and my kids out of it!

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