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Mark Padgett / Photo By John M Disque (2/2011)

Padgett Raises Another $45k in July

By John Disque



We're running out of time and getting very close to the primary election for Knoxville City Mayor. With that fact, there's no lack of support in the Mark Padgett Campaign. 

As supporters put their money where their mouth is, Padgett's July totals alone were $45,015 for a campaign fundraising total of more than $316,000. 

With 30 days left until the polls open Padgett states that he's humbled and grateful, but you can almost feel the wheels turning. With his business experience and combination of no-nonsense politics there's absolutely no doubt the money will soon translate to a very aggressive, eye-opening approach. 

At this point, Padgett urges his supporters to spread the word to their friends, family, and neighbors and assures everyone that he's focused on growing the economy, investing in our neighborhoods, and improving city services. 

I personally believe that Padgett's successful campaign is the result of new hope. Naturally, there are subtle differences on all the candidates; however, Padgett has one element that the others seem to be lacking: While it's true that Knoxville has come a long way it's also true that we should get on with the future. We live in a time when the people are tired of listening to "politics as usual." What worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow. A new, fresh, untainted mind and leadership may be the exact ace that this city needs.

Temp-Published August 8, 2011

Published in East TN News November 12, 2011

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