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Technology and Tomorrow’s

Job Market

By Martha Woodward and John Disque

Published 2/10/2019

If you ever considered a career in technology for yourself or your child - you were on the right page. As manual labor jobs are replaced with artificial intelligence, machines, computers and robots, the tech demand continues to increase and most Americans are not prepared for the changes.


According  to researchers, most workers heading into the work force from 2019 forward will face a much different scene than that of the past. Many jobs are simply going to disappear or be replaced.

No longer can a worker expect to become employed by one company and remain there for over 30 years or until retirement.

Today’s worker can expect to change jobs and or careers up to three or four times in a life time.


In what areas are jobs disappearing?

Taxi drivers and long haul truckers can expect to see their positions replaced by driverless vehicles. It is believed that the switch to driverless vehicles will happen within the next 7 years with the changes being made quicker than anyone has predicted. This one switch will leave upwards of millions of people unemployed.


The second area of job loss is farming. In today’s world, only 10 companies control total food production around the world. These businesses decide what is grown and where, how it is packaged and marketed, and can lure consumers into buying the products selected by the companies.


Printers and publishers are disappearing with the rise of digital screens. Although aging customers prefer a real paper newspaper, magazine, or book, we may well see the day when the use of paper is limited. Writers and editors will continue to be employed by on-line versions of print.

Cashiers or in-store sales positions, along with fast food workers will be erased by machines. The day is coming when there will be no people in stores.

Travel agents are no longer needed.

Travel customers today are no longer gambling on salespeople working off commissions. They can compare all airlines, all convience issues, book all flights, all Uber drivers, all hotels, all rental car services and all activities in seconds, while never talking to another human being and assuring the best available deal for thier money.

Manufacturing jobs such as building cars, producing cloth, or any of the kinds of factories that formerly employed thousands of workers will be replaced by robots.


Dispatchers will also be replaced by machines.

While, in 2019, most Americans agree they'd rather have the personal interaction with real human beings, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving to not only give them this personal interaction but to also increase productivity, do the jobs much more efficient with far less mistakes and without relying on human personality flaws, moods, illness, benefits and limited work hours.


From an employer perspective, it's a deal that cannot be ignored. AI doesn't demand healthcare, can work 24/7, only demands maintenance and replacement costs, is never late, is more dependable, more consistent and will ultimately give the customers everything they could possibly ask for - including the appreciation and respect they demand and deserve.

Waiting tables and bartending are jobs that will fade away. Although there is a need for social interaction, the specific skills of waiters and bartenders can be replicated by machines.


Customers are said to prefer the simplicity of walking into a restaurant, punching in an order, having it delivered by machines, without the complications and pressure of social interaction and human incomptence.

Bank tellers are being replaced by automatic tellers.

As cash is going the way of hardcopy phonebooks; deposits withdraws, loans, bill paying, shopping are being accomplished with the click of a mouse.

Will we see a day when there will be no soldiers and or pilots? Futurist say we will. AI pilots and tanks can hit targets by sitting in an office in their home countries while ordering drones and computer programs to do all the work.

The digital world is not only eliminating these military careers - they're already reducing casualties, risk of injury and overall military cost for taxpayers.


This industry has been taken over by automatic robot calls, but they have a long way to go before reaching any level of public acceptance.


It's one issue that almost all Americans agree on, no matter how technologically advanced they are.


These calls are not only annoying, they're often being accomplished illegally as telemarketing companies buy, sell and steal your personal data from both online sources (especially social media companies) and in-person retail companies which, at some point, you trusted with your data.


With that - consumer trust is decreasing and more and more consumer lawsuits are being filed on these companies (both the buyers and sellers of your data).


Almost all citizens view their phone as a personal possession, bought and programed to their specific personal needs. When a company intrudes on that privacy, not matter how targeted their product or service is being marketed, it's still an intrusion and invasion of their privacy.


Because the pushback is not a result of the lack of personal experience and is summed up by the potential customer the same - whether it's a real personal or an automated program, there's little hope that technology can address these issues.


Companies will be forced to market their products and services in other ways. It's suggested this entire form of marketing will one day be a thing of the past.


As value for the customer increases, using one's phone to connect to industries in the field of travel and dispatching will be seen as welcomed advances. The customers are seeing and asking for convenience and relief from unwanted contacts in the form of phone calls or e mails. 

Telemarketing is almost always unexpected and unwelcomed - Furthermore - while the agenda for the company is to increase sales... the exact opposite is happening: websites are being filled with angry comments, threats of lawsuits, bad reviews, destroyed reputations, and declining sales.

Note - When any company asks for your personal data, especially your phone number, you should be reading the terms of service and assuring the privacy of that data. If the company assures the security of that data and claims they do not sell it or abuse it in any way..., you can then decide to trust them or not. If they breach that contract, you are then free to take legal action. The problem you will face is: it's hard to prove and you'll need a very competent lawyer who's also advanced in the tech industry.


Accountants and Tax Preparers- The role of accountants is to organize and interpret raw data. This task can be done by an algorithm. This is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or problem-solving operations by a computer.

Stock traders
Only 10% of daily trades are currently made by real humans; bots do the real work. Look for a computer to maximize profits in this job.

Construction Workers
Once again technology is customizing this industry. Although many of us scoff at the idea of manufactured homes, aka trailers, the future of home building is racing towards a time when new houses will be constructed in pieces and put together like legos.

Since it is already possible to take several photos of actors and actresses and turn these into characters who are far less expensive than a person, actors and actresses will be used less and less. Movie companies will simply buy the likenesses of humans and use computer programs to enhance the actual films.

These programable bots are already being utilized in the industry of pornography and while many people label it "creepy and disturbing," it's fullfilling many customer demands while reducing production costs.

The days of surfing hundreds of videos for something that might turn you on are quickly coming to an end.

Today's pornography surfer is not at the mercy of whatever the producer is offering. He/she can go directly to a website, choose the exact body-types of the actors, and program them to do whatever they want them to do.

Naturally - this personal inaction increases their arousal while getting to the point of why they're there and fulfilling whatever fantasy they're looking to fulfill.


Did America Miss The Boat?

Of the technology companies remaining in America, most have resorted to importing employees from Asian countries to fill the increasing job demand. Others have simply packed up and moved to China and Japan while losing all hope in America's future.

New tech schools do their best to fill the increasing demand, but they often come with high costs that surpass most US major colleges. Furthermore -  most students do not meet the preset requirements to enroll.


These schools are forced to teach courses in the basics, which Asian children were learning in 5th grade, while playing catch up is becoming a futile, dead-end effort. The more the student learns - the more likely the information will be outdated by the time they graduate.

Most aging Americans resist change and are slow to evolve and adapt. This is not a new social issue, but in the subject of technology, it was devastating to the entire national population.

In the late 80s and early 90s, the birth of the internet and cellphones were seen as passing fads and luxuries that average citizens could do without.

As parents refused to spend money on expensive computers and cellphones, their children were being left behind and growing up to find nothing but “declining-demand manual labor, low-paid and insecure jobs.” Today - those same jobs are being disposed of.

American Schools were not funded and were forced to ignore the issue while Asian schools and politicians clearly and accurately predicted the future and took it as their chance to compete on a global scale.


Because most American politicians have always been reluctant to invest taxpayer money in education, the years went by and Americans fell further and further behind, while Asian children found brand new computers on each of their desks and grew up being offered high-paying careers in thousands of thriving companies all over Planet Earth.


It wasn’t a fad, it’s not a fad and it never will be a fad. It’s a drastic and rapid change in all human culture and way of life.


With the death of past generations and birth of new generations the demand in all levels of technology in all industries is still rapidly increasing. It will soon reach a point of the average citizen not being able to survive without utilizing it.


And still…. Our schools go unfunded, our students study the past and prepare for a job market with no demand.

Journalists: Martha Woodward and John M Disque



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